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3 Garage Door Maintenance Tips – Ontario

Just as with other aspects of the home, it’s important to maintain your garage door. As the biggest moving part of the home, the garage door plays a key role in aesthetics. Maintaining your garage door can also help to make sure it’s functioning at its prime. This helps to improve convenience for homeowners and renters, as well as improve overall garage door safety. Not only can an unmaintained garage door be unsightly, it can also present dangers to family members.

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Garage Door Repairs

First and foremost, it’s critical to make sure that any broken parts are fixed as soon as possible. Failing to fix even small issues can lead to larger issues. When this happens, safety can become a serious issue for homeowners and renters and their family members. A key warning sign of damage is any change in the way the garage door functions. Check all the moving components to ensure that none are broken or bent. In some cases, you may be able to repair these issues yourself. When in doubt, always err on the side of safety and contact a garage door specialist for repairs.

Garage Door Cleaning

Contrary to what some may think, cleaning your garage door is usually a simple task. This is especially true when performing regular maintenance cleaning, such as the outside and inside surfaces of the door. Homeowners and renters can use a soft cloth to gently wipe down the surfaces. For a cleaning solvent, a mild household detergent mixed with water should do the trick. This allows for extra strength for cleaning off dirt and residue while not damaging the materials of the garage door. For lasting protection, a coat of car wax or other protective wax can be applied to keep off additional dirt and residue.

Regular Maintenance

Every few months, garage doors should receive preventative maintenance. Regular cleaning and maintenance can significantly help to reduce rusting, cracking, and breaking. The lifespan of your garage door can in turn be increased, as these issues are among the primary reasons that homeowners and renters encounter the need for expensive repairs and part replacements. Rails, axels, springs, rollers, and hinges should be lubricated to ensure smooth functioning. This can be done with a professional garage door lubricant or a light household oil.

Our team of experts can help with all aspects of the garage door maintenance and repair process. If you’re experiencing any issues or concerns with your garage door, contact us today to schedule a garage door maintenance appointment.