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    Reinforcing Garage Doors for Storm Safety

    If not properly reinforced, the garage door can be the weakest link in the home during a storm with high winds. The garage door is typically the largest opening in the home. However, it is often ignored during storm preparation because of the indirect attachment …

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  • Garage Door Installation Ontario

    Consider Upgrading Your Garage Door, a Few Reasons Why

    Upgrading Garage Door Many homeowners do not think about their garage doors as much as other areas of the home when considering home value, appearance, efficiency, and security. However, garage doors are a crucial element of all of those aspects of homeownership. Having a new …

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  • Carpenter Fixing Door

    Replacing Torsion Springs

    Many people that have garage doors do not know that the torsion springs typically only last between five and nine years. A broken torsion spring is one of the most common garage door problems. A broken spring can be dangerous, as a garage door may …

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  • Garage Door Remote control

    Keeping Garage Doors Quiet

    Garage doors typically start out quiet when new, and begin to make noise over time. A noisy garage door can be annoying and embarrassing, and may pose a hazard depending on what is making the noise. There are many reasons that a garage door may …

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  • wooden garage doors

    Wooden Garage Door Considerations

    Garage doors comprise a considerable portion of a home’s exterior. They are therefore key in the appearance of the home. Wooden garage doors can make a beautiful addition to the home by adding a rustic look and feel. However, wooden garage doors also tend to …

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  • Garage Door Parts And Accessories Ontario

    3 Garage Door Maintenance Tips – Ontario

    Just as with other aspects of the home, it’s important to maintain your garage door. As the biggest moving part of the home, the garage door plays a key role in aesthetics. Maintaining your garage door can also help to make sure it’s functioning at …

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  • Garage Door Parts And Accessories Ontario

    Garage Door Safety Tips

    Garage door safety is an important consideration for homeowners and renters alike. This is especially true for families with children and pets. A garage door is the heaviest and largest moving object in a house, and should always be regarded as such. Many homeowners or …

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  • Garage Door Opener

    Primary Consideration for Choosing a Garage Door Opener

    For aesthetic purposes, it’s important for homeowners to choose a garage door that they love and feel will add to the beauty of their home. Once this process is complete, the next most important consideration is the garage door opener. The garage door opener is …

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  • High Quality Garage Doors

    The Importance Of High Quality Garage Doors

    Many people may overlook the impact and importance of high-quality garage doors for homes. As one of the largest characteristics of a home’s exterior, garage doors play a significant role in a home’s overall curb appeal. Garage doors are also critical to home security. This …

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  • Energy Efficient garage doors

    Energy Efficient Garage Doors

    Energy efficiency inside the home isn’t just limited to interior rooms and living spaces. In fact, a home’s garage can play a big role in the overall carbon footprint of a home. Additionally, ensuring that a home’s garage is more energy efficient can also save …

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