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    Reinforcing Garage Doors for Storm Safety

    If not properly reinforced, the garage door can be the weakest link in the home during a storm with high winds. The garage door is typically the largest opening in the home. However, it is often ignored during storm preparation because of the indirect attachment …

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  • Garage Door Installation Ontario

    Consider Upgrading Your Garage Door, a Few Reasons Why

    Upgrading Garage Door Many homeowners do not think about their garage doors as much as other areas of the home when considering home value, appearance, efficiency, and security. However, garage doors are a crucial element of all of those aspects of homeownership. Having a new …

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  • Carpenter Fixing Door

    Replacing Torsion Springs

    Many people that have garage doors do not know that the torsion springs typically only last between five and nine years. A broken torsion spring is one of the most common garage door problems. A broken spring can be dangerous, as a garage door may …

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