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Garage Door Opener

Primary Consideration for Choosing a Garage Door Opener

For aesthetic purposes, it’s important for homeowners to choose a garage door that they love and feel will add to the beauty of their home. Once this process is complete, the next most important consideration is the garage door opener. The garage door opener is the system that allows the garage door to physically open and close. Modern opening systems are motorized with portable and stationery remote controls that allow individuals to open and close the garage with the simple push of a button.

Garage Door Horsepower

First and foremost, homeowners need to make sure that the garage door opener they select is a good fit for the garage door they have chosen. The garage door opener must have proper features and capabilities to adequately and consistently handle the weight and height of the door itself. The main consideration is the amount of horsepower in a garage door opener. As a general rule of thumb, one half horsepower is recommended. For heavier carriage doors, a three quarter horsepower opener may be recommended. Choosing an inadequate garage door opener may lead to long-term issues that can prove dangerous to individuals and members of the family, especially children.

Garage Door Drive

The next primary consideration for choosing a garage door opener is the type of drive that it features. A chain drive opener features a system that involves a metal chain that runs along a metal trolley. Chain drive openers are fairly common. This is because they are generally simple, reliable, and inexpensive. However, the downside to these garage door openers is that they are noisier than other, more specialized types of openers. For those who value minimized noise, a belt drive may be recommended. These types of openers are quieter than chain drives.

remote control garage doors

Remote Controls

Remote controls are also an important aspect of choosing a garage door opener, as this is the main component that individuals will interact with when opening and closing the garage door. Many garage door openers come with convenient technology like wireless key pads and key remotes that can be installed directly outside the garage area. Wireless key pads and remotes can be kept in vehicles so that owners can simply tap the control to open and close the garage from inside the car. Before selecting a garage door opener, individuals are advised to explore the options for remote controls to find the most suitable for their personal use.