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Consider Upgrading Your Garage Door, a Few Reasons Why

Upgrading Garage Door

Many homeowners do not think about their garage doors as much as other areas of the home when considering home value, appearance, efficiency, and security. However, garage doors are a crucial element of all of those aspects of homeownership. Having a new garage door installed can also be less costly than other types of home upgrades and repairs.

Increased Home Value

When looking to increase the home value, an upgraded garage door is a home improvement that retains a high return on investment. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Cost versus Value report, upgraded garage doors retain more than 75 percent of their cost during a resale or refinance. This is a smart upgrade, as the garage usually makes up a good deal of the visible portion of the home when viewed from the street. Having a new garage door installed is a fast way to give the entire home a “facelift” without spending tens of thousands of dollars.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

More efficient options for garage doors are now available than ever before. Installing a new garage door allows home owners to choose a door that reduces air flow into the home and provides better insulation. This can decrease the carbon footprint of the home while lowering heating and cooling cost. Installing a garage door that helps to better control the temperature within the garage may also allow homeowners to utilize the garage for a wider variety of purposes, essentially expanding the square footage of the home.

Improved Home Safety and Security

Any garage door that does not automatically reverse to prevent entrapment should be replaced to ensure safety, particularly if there are children or pets living in the home. Doors that are not functioning properly may be repaired or replaced. Replacing garage doors gives homeowners better control over the safety and security features, however. Homeowners can feel more secure with a brand new door that has been selected according to high safety and security ratings. Homeowners can also depend on new garage doors to offer the highest level of convenience and reliability without a worry for past maintenance faults.

Opportunity for Individualization

A new garage door is a great way to add individualized style to a home that distinguishes the home from the surrounding houses. Homeowners are free to choose the material, design, and colors of the garage door that will best accent the home and suit the homeowner’s tastes. Homeowners can use the opportunity to create a truly unique space that caters to their wishes or grabs the attention of passersby.