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Look no further for garage door repair and maintenance than the amazing service and craftsmanship of Quality Garage Doors. We are the premier garage door retailer and service provider in Burlington. When quality is in the name, you can’t go wrong!

Our Services

Quality Garage Doors, as an authorized dealer of all the top brands of garage doors, has certified technicians to repair all type of malfunctions. Our technicians replace broken springs, perform maintenance and repairs on all openers, replace door parts and accessories, and more.

In addition to their extensive training, our technicians carry virtually every garage door opener replacement part they may need for most repairs. This means that when the repairman comes to your home, in almost every case he will be able to complete the repair on the spot rather than driving all around Burlington to find the correct part.

Rest assured that if another part of your garage door is broken, our technicians have easy access to the parts required to fix any part of the door. Our shelves are stocked with springs, drums, bearing plates, hinges, bearing brackets, locks, fasteners, tracks, and more, so your repair will always happen quickly and efficiently.

Our Location in Burlington

Because Burlington is centrally located in the prosperous area of the Golden Horseshoe, that makes any home within the city easily accessible to our technicians for emergency repair. The three major freeways that intersect in Burlington ensure that our technicians can get to your house in a timely manner.

Superb Service and Excellent Quality

Garage door repair services BurlingtonAt Quality Garage Doors, service is the most important part of our business. We never install a garage door and then leave our customers in a lurch when the time comes for service or repair. One thing our customers love and appreciate is that our technicians are available for repairs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Your life doesn’t have to stop if your garage door opener stops working or a spring on your door breaks.

These kinds of emergency repairs are critical because some malfunctions may trap your car in the garage with no way to get it out. That’s why our service is quick and accessible at all times. Did your garage door’s spring break in the middle of the night? Is your opener malfunctioning on the weekend? No problem! We mean it when we say 24/7 service; our technicians are on call all day and night.

If you are seeking emergency garage door repair in Burlington, look no further than the experienced and qualified technicians at Quality Garage Doors. Call 289-348-1099 to get someone to your home right away.