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Garage Door Repair Service: Common Garage Door Problems & Repairs!

Undoubtedly, the garage door is one of the largest mechanized objects at home. And, it is even not only for the security purpose but also for offering convenience, privacy, entrance, and exit from the property, and even the best way for the protection of the vehicle. But, for all, you have to ensure that your garage door is in good working condition. Moreover, if you experience that your garage door makes a noise at the time of opening or closing, you must call a professional for the garage door repair service.

However, it is evident that with the proper maintenance and repair service, you can easily enhance the garage door’s lifespan and the safety of your property. You can also call a professional to upgrade the garage door. The Quality Garage Doors is best known for offering the high-quality installation and repair service of all types of garage doors. You can reach us at any time to resolve your problems.

Here is the list of some common Garage Doors problems. Whenever you experience any of it, reach out to us to get the superb repairing service.

  1. Garage Door Opener Doesn’t Functions Appropriately!

It can be very aggravating if the garage door doesn’t respond after commanding. Even it can be very frustrating if you are in a hurry and you have to open the door to get out of the vehicle, etc. Here are some common  fixes to this issue:

  • First, ensure the device is plugged in.
  • Next, make sure the circuit breaker has not been jaunted, which may have clogged the flow of the electricity to the garage door opener.

Maybe your garage door needs more lubrication to reduce the friction of the opener of the garage door. So, be sure of it. And, if you are still facing this problem, call a professional for a garage door repair service.

      2. Garage Doors Be Noisy When Closing Or Opening!

If your garage door is noisy, it is clear that your garage door needs more grease. So, you have to locate the noisy section of the garage door and add more smears to the area. And, if it is not working to fix the issue, you must try to tighten the door and track’s nuts and bolts.

And, if you also hear noise if you have metal rollers and tracks, try to change it with the nylon ones. If none of the above solutions tackle the issue, call professionals.

      3. Garage Door Closes Immediately After Opening!

If your garage door opens, then closes immediately, or otherwise closes without giving any command, the garage door spring may need to be exchanged. We also recommend that you replace your door spring to ensure your garage door functions properly.

One more thing, never change the spring of the garage door randomly. First, consult with the trusted and experienced garage rapier company and decide which spring can be suitable.

      4. Garage Door Unlock Without Any Command!

Do you ever think about what will happen if your garage door opens without giving any command? Obviously, it can be hazardous for you and your property. So, whenever you experience it, fix it quickly. However, this problem can occur because the photo-eye or sensor along the bottom of the garage door is badly aligned. It may also be possible that the sensor of the garage door is dirty or broken.

You have to look for the green light flashing on the device. This light indicates the device’s safety features function properly. Measure each from the floor to the top. Also, keep the measurement in mind to examine the issue.

And, if you failed to identify the leading cause behind the garage door issue, you must hire a professional for garage door repair in London, Ontario.

       5. Garage Door Doesn’t Close Thoroughly!

If your garage door is not closed fully, there are more chances of danger. So, whenever you see that your door does not close thoroughly, like leaving gaps at the bottom, you may have to use some pipe insulation and secure the open area of the bottom of the garage door. However, if these solutions are not adequate to cover the open space, it is clear that something else may interfere with the garage door closing mechanism.

So, don’t invest time in making more possible solutions to fix this issue. Beauce, if your solution is not compatible with the door mechanism, it can create huge problems. However, you can call a professional to get the repair service.

Final Thoughts!

Now, you would understand what common problem issues you can suddenly experience with your garage door. And, even some solutions also mentioned that help you resolve issues for the time being. But, whenever you experience that the problem can convert into a big issue, call us at The Quality Garage Doors for garage door repair service.