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High Quality Garage Doors

The Importance Of High Quality Garage Doors

high-quality garage doors

Many people may overlook the impact and importance of high-quality garage doors for homes. As one of the largest characteristics of a home’s exterior, garage doors play a significant role in a home’s overall curb appeal. Garage doors are also critical to home security. This in turn affects family safety. Additionally, the quality of garage doors has an impact on the interior quality of the garage itself, which influences the condition and lifespan of a family’s valuables stored in the garage.

Curb Appeal

In many cases, garage doors can constitute up to 30 percent of a home’s visual exterior as seen from passersby. While many may not actively think about garage doors when they consider what makes a home look nice, the garage door certainly influences curb appeal. Garage doors are an ideal opportunity to add style to a home, making them a perfect combination of style and functionality.

Home Security

Low-quality garage doors can become security risks for the home. It is not uncommon for a garage door to be less secure than other doors that provide entry and exit from a home. Garage doors that open easily or have weak areas can provide an entry point for burglars and other unwanted company to break into the garage and home. Even when these intruders don’t attempt to enter the home, access into the garage puts valuable possessions at risk, such as cars, bicycles, and other stored items.

Family Safety garage door

Family Safety

In the event that an intruder gains access to the home through a low-quality garage door, the safety and wellbeing of the family inside may be at risk. This is especially true during nighttime break-ins when family members are sleeping and unsuspecting. Additionally, a low-quality garage door may be more likely to malfunction in ways that directly endanger family members. Garage doors may close unexpectedly, causing injury or even death to family members. Families with children should be most cautious to ensure that they have a high-quality garage door.

Interior Quality

A low-quality garage door can often expose the interior of the garage to the harshness of the elements, such as rain moisture, humidity, and extreme heat. Poorly-sealed garage doors can create entrances for pests such as rodents and insects. These factors can in turn reduce the quality of the garage’s interior. As a result, the valuable items inside the garage such as vehicles may also experience depreciation in quality and value. Exposure to the elements may also lead to mold growth, which is a health hazard for families.