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4 Common Reasons to Hire a Garage Door Specialist in London, Ontario!

When we talk about the importance of garage doors, they are not just about security. They provide privacy, convenient entrance and exits from your property, and even protection for your vehicle if they are working properly. 

Whether you need any garage door repair or are looking to install a new garage door, it is important to know that this is not a time to look up YouTube videos and attempt to do the job yourself. 

Repairing and installing a garage door is not as easy as your cup of tea. If your garage door is having any following issues, then you may need to call an experienced and highly knowledgeable garage door specialist, like Quality Garage Doors, if you are unable to troubleshoot the problem on your own.

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As a garage door repair specialist in London, Ontario, we offer high-quality garage door service for your garage door problems.  

  1. If your garage door opener won’t work

If the garage door opener does not respond to your commands, it can be frustrating. It is a very common problem that can quickly be fixed with a few simple solutions.  

  • First of all, check to ensure the device is plugged in. 
  • The second step is, ensure the circuit breaker has not been stumbled, which may have stopped the flow of electricity to the opener.  

In order to eliminate friction and help the opener lift the door, your door may need chain lubricant. It would be great to apply a silicone-based lubricant to the door opener to remove any excess.  

Your professional garage door specialist gives you more efficient solutions to ensure its amazing functionality.

  1. If the garage door makes clatter when opening or closing

This usually means that the door requires more lube if it is making noises. First of all, find the noisy part of the door and add lubricant to the area. Also, try tightening the door and track nuts and bolts if this does not work.   

If you have metal rollers and tracks, you may also hear screeching. In order to reduce this irritating noise, replace the metal rollers with a new one. If none of these solutions address the issue, then professionals of garage doors in London, Ontario, can help you identify the cause. 

You may be looking at a completely different problem if your garage door opener makes a crushing noise.  

Potential issues may include:

Failing parts in the opener: 

If the teeth wear down, the chain may be slipping out of place. In this case, remotes that use couplers may also need replacement. 

Parts require lubrication: 

Your opener can cause wear on the parts, and they won’t work as well when it does not have the right lubricant. Weather fluctuation can also impact the function of the parts.  

Misaligned tracks: 

When the tracks are aligned incorrectly, hinges and wheels take on undue pressure, leading to the grinding noise in the remote.

Don’t panic if your garage door makes a banging noise when opening! Our professional technicians help you fix all annoying and dangerous-sounding noises, like grinding, squeaking, or friction. 

  1. If the garage door opens, then it instantly closes

Remember, if your garage door opens and then immediately closes without pushing any buttons, it is the right to replace the door springs. It is suggested to replace both garage door springs to repair the door. 

Hiring a trusted and experienced garage door specialist would be great to determine which springs need to be replaced.   

  1. If the garage door opens without commands

Have you thought, what if the door opens without you ordering it to do so? It means that the photo eye or the sensors along the bottom of the door are poorly associated. The sensors may also be unclean or broken.   

In order to check the efficient working of your device, look for a flashing green light. This light indicates that the safety feature is working correctly. 

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A helping hand may be important to guarantee the safety as well as proper functionality of your door. We offer high-quality garage door service in London, Ontario, at reasonable prices. Give us a call at 1-855-818-3667 to book your services!